Halloween Push-Up Cakes with Monster Eyes

Looking for a super easy and fast idea for Halloween push up cakes?

Push Up Cake for Halloween with Monster EyeballThese monster eyeball push up cakes are really quite easy to create.

What you will need for the monster eyeball push up cake:

  • Push pop containers
  • Pre-baked mini size cupcakes
  • Cake icing
  • Halloween colored sprinkle
  • Black food color
  • Halloween eyeballs – We used “Peters” candy. Peanut butter filled chocolate balls wrapped with the monster eyeball tin.
  • Pastry bag
  • # 4 cake decorating tip

To make 12 count push up cakes, you will need 24 mini cupcakes. “1 box of cake mix will yield 24 mini’s.”

To make 24 count, double the cake mix and so on.

To prepare your push up cakes:

  • Assemble your push pop containers and place in stand
  • Fill bottom base with a small swirl of black cake icing
  • Sprinkle on Halloween theme sprinkles
  • Place mini cupcake on top of icing layer and repeat layering
  • Top off with swirl of icing, sprinkles and monster eyeball candy

For a more festive look, wrap colorful Halloween color ribbons around your push pop container stand and add some table decor to really merchandise nicely.

Halloween Push Pop Cakes in Acrylic Stand


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2 Responses to Halloween Push-Up Cakes with Monster Eyes

  1. Linda Lanier says:

    I would like to know if you sell something that can be used to transport the pops. I am a pastry chef and a caterer and would like to market push pops to my customers but I have not been able to find something other than acrylic to transport.

  2. Ileana Rodriguez says:

    More information for cost and product

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