Push Pop Containers 50 Count Pack

50 count Push Pop Cake Containers With Lid: Clear Plastic Push-Up Pop Containers for the Push Pop Cakes and Cream Desserts.                                                                Push Pop Containers 50 count50 count case: Push Pop Containers With Lid     

In Stock : )

$56.95 Includes Shipping and Handling!                             Ships Via USPS                                                                                       to 48 US States. Allow 2-7 business days for Delivery once your order is processed. Please contact us for Hawaii ,Canada and other Country Shipping Requests.   

tax of 4% to Ga. shipping locations only will apply.

Shipping: This item ships via UPS to 48 U.S. intercontinental states. “Please Note: Hawaii and Canada Customers Need to Contact Us on Shipping Charges as They Do Not Apply To This Offer”                                            

Sales tax of 4% applies to Ga. shipping locations.

This set of push pop containers comes in a pack of 50 individual units.

Product Description

Product Description

Cylindrical chamber measures 3-3/16 high x 1-7/8 diameter. Stem is 3-3/4 long. A great way to prepare and serve and eat any dessert. The stem of this plastic cup gets joined to a disk that you push from beneath to raise the food as you eat it. This item ships disassembled, but attaching the parts is very easy.

Directions To Use The Push Pop Cake Containers:

  • First you insert the stem in the disk:
  • Next push the connected parts, stem first, inside the cup (through the top opening) :A stand can help you prepare many push pop cakes at once:
  • When you have finished the filling phase, cover the cups with the lids


10 Responses to Push Pop Containers 50 Count Pack

  1. carla says:


    could you please me the price of the 50 pack of plastic push pop containers. also what is the shipping fee to australia?


  2. Lisa Johnson says:

    I would like to order 24 push pops and receive them by July 2nd…is that possible?

    Thank You

    • pushpopcakes says:

      I am sorry Lisa, there is no way that will be possible. We are now out of stock until July 9th. Also please know that deliveries take anywhere from 2-7 business days depending on where you are located. If you are on our mailing list, you will be one of the first to know about out of stock items as well as when we are running low.

      We will be putting up a pre-order button by tomorrow. Again very sorry we can not help you with your request.

  3. Melissa says:

    I would love to know how many ounces each container holds?

    • pushpopcakes says:

      Each container can hold two mini cupcakes, with filling. As far as ounces go, it will vary, depending on the type of filling you will add. Some fillings weigh more than others. For instance, if you use a mousse filling verses fruit filling you will see a significant ounce difference.

  4. glenda gibson says:

    Hi I am having a Valentines Day party on Feb 11th and I need push pop containers by Feb. 5th. Will you guys be able to have them in stock and ship them by then?

    • pushpopcakes says:

      Hello Glenda,
      We are in stock on all pack sizes. We ship same day when orders are placed before 4:00 pm EST.
      All orders shipped within the inner continental 48 U.S. states get a free upgrade to priority shipping on the 12,24 and 50 count cases as well as the combo packs. The 100 count cases are excluded from the priority upgrade.

      If you order on Monday the 30th, you should get them by the 5th. Please email us and let us know what state you are shipping to. We will be able to tell you exactly when they will be to your doorstep… Thank you for your inquire:)

  5. Kristi says:

    Hi…is a 50 count actually 50 of the push up pop containers as a whole or is the count per piece since they come unassembled?

  6. Tara says:

    Hi. I was wondering if I would receive a 50 count order by June 12th. I live in Massachusetts. How much would shipping cost? Thanks.

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