Push Pop Cake Stand For Push Pop Cakes

The Push Pop Cake Stand for Push Pop Cakes and Cream Desserts.

12 Hole Acrylic Stand: IN STOCK

Clear Acrylic stand for Push Up Pop Cake and Dessert Containers  Push Pop Cake Stand Hold 12 Push Pop Containers Acrylic Push Pop Container Stand That holds 12 Push up Pop Containers

Our specially designed stands for the push pop containers are manufactured in the U.S.A and are made of strong and durable acrylic. We have 2 versions to choose from.

Our Classic Push Pop Container 12 Hole stand or

our>> New 18 Hole Push Pop Container stand. <<

The price per Item # PPC-Acrylistand-Classic-12 Hole stand is at 19.95 each plus shipping and handling.

U.S. 48  inner continental states shipping & handling = $9.95 per unit.                   Total shipped U.S. cost is: $29.90

U.S. Customers Add To Cart :Push Pop Stands U.S. Shipping


Hawaii shipping and handling = 13.48 per unit. Total shipped cost to Hawaii is: $33.43

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Canada shipping and handling = 15.95 per unit. Total shipped cost to Canada is: $35.90

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The stands are great for your Push Pop Cake containers to sit securely in.

Push Pop Cake Container Stand Product Features:

  • This is Push up Container stand holds 12 push up cake containers.
  • An absolutely necessity for holding the push up cake containers since you cannot put the sticks in after you fill them.

Product Details: Made in The U.S.A

  • Shipping Weight: 2.1 pounds

Push Pop Cake Container Stand Product Description:

Product Description

The push pop container stand will hold 12 assembled push up cake containers for easy filling of the push pop cake and dessert containers. It is almost impossible to fill the containers up without the stand because the stick has to be inserted into the base before filling.

Made from 0.118 laser cut acrylic. Measures 8 & 3/4” long by 6&3/4” wide and 3&7/8” tall. The stand has laser cut handles in each side for easy handling. 12 each 3/8” holes are cut into the top to accommodate the container stems.


15 Responses to Push Pop Cake Stand For Push Pop Cakes

  1. Sharee says:

    Please let me know once you restop your cake pop stands.

    • Sharee says:

      sorry I meant to say restock your cakepop stands

      • pushpopcakes says:

        Hello Sharee, We should have them in by next week. We will be offering 2 different styles to select from! Acrylic Clear and White Plastic based. We will be with our manufacturing team on Monday to approve new styles:) If you are on our email list you will get the update as soon as they are in. Thank you Sharee!

  2. EDNA R GUERRA says:




  3. Judith says:

    Please let me know when your clear pushpop stands are in. Thank you

  4. MANDY says:


    • pushpopcakes says:

      Hello Mandy,
      We have an option to pre-order right now on the 100 count for Sept 3rd shipping. We may have a couple left in the warehouse but if not you will see your order get shipped on the 3rd of Sept.

      If you are on our email list you will get updated there as well.

  5. Sharon says:

    Am wanting at least 24 and a stand (clear acrylic) for a baby shower on Sept. 10. If I order now are they available to be shipped right away?

  6. Tanvi says:

    do you deliver to india,new delhi? what is the shipping cost for the stand and 100 cake push pops.


  7. Frances says:

    How much is the shipping and handling to Puerto Rico?

  8. Rosane says:

    Good afternoon!
    Do you ship to Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, 100 units of push pops?
    How is this transaction?

  9. Juan Villalba says:

    Estoy interesado para comercializar sus productos en el Paraguay , favor de contactar, gracias

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