Push Pop Containers 12 Hole Acrylic Stand Jet Black

Our New 12 Hole JET Black Acrylic Stand for Push up Pop Containers!

Push Pop Containers 12 Hole Black Acrylic Stand

In Stock   Only $21.99 plus $9.95 shipping. Your total cost each is only $31.94


Push Pop Cake Containers 12 Hole Jet Black Stand Product Features:

  • This is Push up Container stand holds 12 push up cake containers.(Containers are Not Included with this item.)
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Easy wipe down
  • Perfect for displaying your filled push up pop containers for all sorts of events.
  • An absolutely necessity for holding and displaying the push up cake containers since you cannot put the sticks in after you fill them.

Product Details: Made in The U.S.A

  • Shipping Weight: 2.1 pounds

Push Pop Cake Container Stand Product Description:

Product Description

The push pop container stand will hold 12 assembled push up cake containers for easy filling of the push pop cake and dessert containers. It is almost impossible to fill the containers up without the stand because the stick has to be inserted into the base before filling.

Made from 0.118 laser cut acrylic. Measures 8 & 3/4” long by 6&3/4” wide and 3&7/8” tall. The stand has laser cut handles in each side for easy handling. 12 each 3/8” holes are cut into the top to accommodate the container stems.


3 Responses to Push Pop Containers 12 Hole Acrylic Stand Jet Black

  1. Rosann Ferris says:

    I was wondering if you could mail me a brochure and price list. I thought I had requested to be put on a mailing list quite some time ago, but in case my request has not been received may I please request it now? Thank you for your time

    • pushpopcakes says:

      Hello Rosann,
      Please sign up for our mailing list on the site 🙂 There is a sign up form on the right hand side bar!
      Thank you for your interest in push pop containers and stands..

  2. I’m live in Brazil and want to buy a push pop cake containers, but have a question: Do you send for me?

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