Push Pop Containers by Giarraffa Co.

Questions Answered:

We have many questions regarding our push pop containers with lids and are here to answer  them all for you.

When you are searching the internet or doing a Google search for our product, you will find there are many offerings out there that may be a bit confusing when searching for different case sizes and prices on the push pop containers.


  • Our images are specific which you can view below. ( if any of these images do not point to one of our sites stated below, it is a seller that is using our images without authorization.
  • Our websites and merchant seller sites are specific with the Giarraffa Co logo or images
  • Our product ships from the state of Ga. USA
  • Our customer service line is 855-289-5552
  • Our list of domain names is stated below so there is no confusion with other companies that are using the keywords push pop containers or push up pop containers in their domain names.
  • We are the designers and hold the patents and/or patent pending on our push pop containers product line.
  • PLEASE Do Not Confuse us with Push Up Pop Containers . com site as this is not us.

Our List of Domain Names and Sites you can purchase Giarraffa Co Push Pop Containers From:

We are also featured merchants on the Amazon.com site. You will find that our images on Amazon are used by other sellers as well. Please Note that when shopping directly on the Amazon site, you should double check to see the Shipped by Giarraffa Co. text is in your shopping cart or you may be getting a knock off item.  You will know for certain you are buying from us when you see our name in your Amazon shopping cart. If you see another name, you are not buying from us and will not be getting our product.


What Our Copyright Push Pop Containers images and Graphics look like: We have several but these are just a few of our original ones.

Push Pop Containers Clear Image by Giarraffa Co and Push Pop Containers

Push Pop Containers Images by Giarraffa Co. llc

"Push Pop containers" kit







push pop container with lid offered by Giarraffa Co and PushPopContainers.com







All of these images are owned by Giarraffa Co. LLC and are not approved for others to use. We are doing our very best to combat the use of our images on unapproved sites so there is no further confusion. These are just a few of our Push Pop Container images but seem to be the most popular ones that have been infringed upon.

We would love to hear your comments which you can share in the comments section below. You may also want to share this post with your friends by forwarding or sharing on Facebook, Pinterest or any other way you want to share. 🙂

As always and with much gratitude, we thank you all for your continued support and wonderful questions you send in.

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