Push Pop Containers Filled with Almond Joy Cake

Push Pop containers filled with Almond Joy Cake! This recipe is so delicious and a joy for all occasion

Push Pop Container filled with Almond Joy CakeYummy coconut and chocolate with vanilla cake and sliced almonds are all you need for this Almond Joy push up cake.

We created this by cutting out vanilla cake circles using the cylinder top of the push pop container as our cutting tool.

You will need 3 cake circles for the layers to fill the push pop container to the top.

Supplies and Ingredients You will Need:

Directions to Make Almond Joy Push Up Cake:

  • Coat jelly roll pan with baking spray and pour cake batter evenly into pan.
  • Assemble push pop containers and place in stand
  • Cool baked sheet cake and cut out cake circles using the top of a push pop container cylinder.
  • Prepare butter cream icing
  • Using a pastry bag and star tip, pipe a small rosette on base inside of container.
  • Place 1 cake circle on top of buttercream icing.
  • Pipe buttercream icing
  • sprinkle fresh coconut on top of buttercream icing
  • Drizzle chocolate on top of coconut
  • Repeat the layers and top with buttercream, coconut and chocolate. Garnish with almonds.

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  1. desiree says:

    love it will use reciepe for my luau bday party!!!

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